Monday, June 15, 2009

We'll be open Tuesday Evening

Hot and humid...........those two words often go along with my memories of berry picking.
Today was one of those days and it looks like the rest of the week will bring more of the same.
In spite of that there were a lot of people who came out to pick today.

Berries love rain and sun and we've had plenty of both lately. There just hasn't been enough sun
to dry up the puddles in the rows. We appreciate your patience with the water.

The farm will be open tomorrow from 5pm-8pm. Evening picking is pleasant because the field is shaded. Picking blueberries is a good way to spend an evening after a long day at work.

Hopefully, I can get some pictures uploaded soon. I've been out of town and haven't been
able to work on this like I want.

I apologize to anyone who has tried to leave a comment on the blog since I didn't realize I hadn't enabled it. We've resolved that issue so if anyone wants to comment we'd be glad to hear
from you.

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