Saturday, June 20, 2009

Busy, busy Saturday

What a great day at the farm. We had a record number of people picking today. A record number since we have owned it, I should say. Over 1,000 pounds of berries were picked!
It looked like rain when we opened this morning but all we got were a few sprinkles. The cloud cover and steady breeze was a welcome relief from the hot, humid conditions. By late morning the clouds were gone, the sun was out and temperatures started to climb. That didn't seem to deter too many people as we still had cars pulling in steadily most of the morning. People were very patient standing in a long line to check out.

Because of the large number of berries picked we will evaluate the field Sunday to determine if we will open Monday or not. Sometimes the berries that are left on the bushes are not quite ripe and need a day or two to ripen. For this reason it's always wise to call the farm or check the blog before you come out to pick. We always feel bad when people show up to pick and find the farm closed. This happened Friday and we again apologize to those who came to pick but were faced with a CLOSED sign instead. Thanks for your understanding.

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