Thursday, June 25, 2009

Questions and Answers about orders

Just in case you were wondering what happens when you order pre-picked berries....

Q- Where do the pre-picked berries come from
A- We fill orders with berries harvested from our farm.

Q-When are the berries picked?
A- The berries are harvested on the day you are scheduled to pick them up. To give our pickers time to harvest the berries we ask you to pick up your order at the end of our business day, 11:30am or 7:30pm.

Q-What happens to the berries after you pick them?
A- Berries are sorted by hand to remove stems, leaves, bugs, damaged and under-ripe berries. They are then weighed, bagged, labeled, and stored in our walk-in cooler until you pick them up.

Q-Do you wash the berries in my order?
A-No. We do not spay our berries with anything so there are no chemical residues to remove. Dry berries store longer than berries that are wet. Rinse your berries just before use.

Q-How do you fill an order for frozen berries?
A-The same way we fill orders for fresh berries. Orders for frozen berries are filled with berries from the current season. They are sorted,weighed, bagged, labeled, and then quick frozen immediately. This ensures you are getting the freshest berries possible.

Q-Why don't you hold fresh berries for pick up on another day?
A-We want your berries to be as fresh as possible when you pick them up so you get the benefit of high quality berries. Also, we do not operate the walk-in cooler when the farm is closed so there is no way to keep fresh berries cool. Orders for fresh berries that aren't picked up the day they are harvested are put into the freezer. We can sell them to you frozen or re-pick your order at a later time. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Q-Why do you stop taking orders?
A-Orders come in quickly once the season begins. Because we fill orders the day they are picked up we are limited in how many orders we can fill each day. As the season goes on the amount of berries in the field decreases and it becomes more difficult to fill orders. We don't want to promise berries to you and then not be able to fill the order. After we have caught up we sometimes begin taking orders again.

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