Friday, June 18, 2010

Open Saturday

We are opening the farm tomorrow but will only have 1/2 the field open.  The other 1/2 still has some ripening to do. 

The berries won't be as plentiful as the first few days so plan on it taking longer to fill a bucket.  That's the nature of .............nature.  You have to take it as it comes.  All the blueberries on a bush don't ripen at the same time and there are only so many berries produced.  Once those are gone there are no more for the year.  So, as the season goes on there are fewer and fewer berries.

We've got lots of berries ripening so the season isn't coming to an end.  Plan to come and get some yummy berries.

PICKING NOTE:  We have two rows that are very ripe and very sweet but the berries are really small.  Yes, it will take a lot longer to fill a bucket but these berries are perfect for muffins, pancakes, rolls and cookies!  They are my favorite berries at this time of year because they are so sweet.  I think they are worth the effort it takes to get a bucket full so if you like baking with blueberries you might consider picking on the two rows marked "Bluetta".

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